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Simon’s Kids

To seek and foster fair and equal access to life saving medical treatment for pediatric dependents with life- threatening diagnosis by equipping and empowering parents / legal guardians, through education, advocacy, resources, and national awareness. 

Simon’s Law

To create national awareness and protection for medically endangered pediatric dependents with life- threatening diagnosis through education, accountability, parental rights legislation, and Patients’ Bill of Rights.


 To be a nationwide network of families, guardians, and professionals that advocate for the core missions of Simon’s Law and Simon’s Kids.


Simon’s Law is sweeping the nation by stopping secret DNR’s. We empower parents to advocate for their minor child in complex medical environments and raise awareness to parents, legislators, and media. We currently have passed Simon’s Law in nine states and continue to introduce it throughout the rest of the country. If all children aren’t protected, then all are at risk!

Simon’s Kids serves kids to sustain life. Each child’s life has dignity and value. We empower, educate, and assist financially those minor children in need. By identifying children who have been medically discriminated against and/or denied life sustaining treatment. Exclusively, by the acronym SIMON.

S. Surgeries

I. IV hydration/fluids

M. Medications

O. Oxygen and airway management

N. Nutrition